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Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello from the Partridge Family!

For Christmas, Santa brought us (among other things) a drum set, pink guitar and a saxophone!

We are now booking parties and special occasions. Call us if you need a band for your next wedding, birthday party or Bar Mitzvah. LB has been practicing feverishly since Christmas! Our playlist is limited, but boy are we entertaining!

The holidays kicked off with our annual tradition of going to the Christmas Eve service at church. I absolutely LOVE going to church on Christmas Eve. I just feel like after weeks of shopping and parties, it really puts into perspective what Christmas means. After the service, we had dinner at mom and dad's house and we read the Christmas story from the Children's Bible storybook I had as a kid (another tradition). Then, the grandkids got to open one present. The girls both opened these precious pjs...

...which just happened to match the ones their Bitty babies were wearing (which they opened on Christmas morning)!

AC has been wanting an American Girl doll (like her cousin Ally) but I told her she was too young (I want to make sure she's actually old enough to take care of it and appreciate it. They aren't cheap!). So instead, Mimi and Poppy got her and LB the American Girl Bitty Babies. They love them! AC also got a Princess CD player (with microphone!) which she loves using to sing Taylor Swift!

Can you imagine now how loud it is at our house these days?!

This was also the year of games - Hungry Hippos and Candyland, which Chris' dad now calls the longest game ever after endless rounds of playing it :)

The day after Christmas, Chris' parents came in town - which meant MORE presents! Like a Leap Frog learning game which AC loves...

Hannah Montana art supplies that contain glitter!....

and more fun games to play!

Not to mention AC's flapper costume that she wore for three days straight!

We hope your holidays were as wonderful and exhausting as ours! Happy 2010!


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Loved seeing all the pics!! Lots of Great Memories!! Happy New Year, hope 2010 is a very blessed one for you and your family!

The HoneaBees said...

I have been wondering where all of that noise was coming from! ha Did you and Chris get ear plugs?
Happy New Year!

Candy said...

I know what you mean about noise. Silas got a fisher price singing piano and JaneClaire got a piano w/ microphone and all the fancy buttons that come along with that. I've never heard Twinkle Twinkle played with so many beats :) Glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!