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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Painting our Pumpkins

We had a blast last night!

Our friends Susan and Kevin came over, and Miss Su-Su (as the girls call her) helped them paint their pumpkins. Susan painted funny faces on our two big pumpkins and the girls both got to paint their own pumpkins.

As you can see, as the night went on, they had more paint on their arms and legs than they did their pumpkins!

Miss Su-Su and Mr. Kevin - they will be the best mommy and daddy one day!

Our finished products!

The girls were so proud of their creations. When we finished them, we put them on our front porch so everyone can see them. Thanks Su-Su for giving the girls such a special Halloween!


Susan R. said...

You made my day -- thanks for such a sweet post! I had a blast with the girls -- wish every day was Halloween and we could paint pumpkins! Love y'all!

The Titsworth Family said...

The girls and the pumpkins are so cute!