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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Halloween Party!

We went to a fabulous Halloween party this weekend! My friend, Melissa, threw a party at the Botanical Gardens. The girls got dressed up in their costumes: Ann Catherine was Little Red Riding Hood and Lily was Super Girl.

Their costumes fit their personalities perfectly! Ann Catherine is my sweet little girl, with the kindest heart of anyone I have ever known. Lily, on the other hand, is a tough little cookie. Don't get me wrong - she is a sweetheart. But, to quote my mother, she's "not afraid of the devil himself." :) The little crime-fighting action hero fits her personality just right.

They had the best time! First they got to decorate their pumpkins using Mr. Potato Head pieces. Isn't that a neat idea? We even got to take them home!

Next, our tour guide took us into the gardens on a Harvest Hunt. It was just like an Easter Egg hunt, except the girls got plastic pumpkins, and had to find goodie bags that were hidden along the way. The weather was just beautiful, and it was a perfect day to be outside.

Lastly, we walked through the Scarecrow Trail and got to see the different scarecrows. It was such a nice walk. Chris and I got so tickled because Lily was carrying her pumpkin (which was weighted down with candy!) and was moving quite slowly because it was such a long walk. Several times we asked her to let us carry her pumpkin so she could walk easier. "No, Mommy!" she would say. Again, it's just like her. She has so much determination. She didn't care that she was at the very end of the line. She was determined to walk through the entire tour carrying her own pumpkin. I absolutely love her spunk!! This is a picture of her bringing up the rear. She took every single step carrying her pumpkin.

This is a picture my friend, Melissa, snapped of the four of us along the Scarecrow Trail. If you haven't taken your kids yet, I encourage you to do so before it gets too cold. They'll have a blast!

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