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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lily's Crawling!

My baby is no longer a baby.

For a while now, Lily has been trying to crawl. She would inch towards something and just decide to sit on her bottom instead.

Monday night, it finally clicked.

The funny part is - according to Lily's daycare teacher - Lily doesn't really know she's crawling! And once she actually figures it out, it's all over. She'll be all over the place.

You know, it makes me kind of sad. Lily is my baby. And my baby is now crawling and trying to pull up on furniture. I'm glad she's hitting her milestones, but part of me wishes I could just bottle this time up and keep it forever.

Each stage of our child's life brings it's own enjoyment and happiness. Ann Catherine is at the stage now where she is just so much fun. You never know what she is going to say, and she soaks everything up like a sponge. She repeats everything we say (better be careful!) and loves to sing songs.

I know these phases are part of life. I just wish Lily could stay my baby a little longer. It seems like just yesterday we were cuddling in the recliner while I was on maternity leave.

I'm learning one of the hard lessons of parenthood. Our children will grow up whether we want them to or not.

It's our job to enjoy every single minute with them.


smile said...

That’s very sweet, I know what you mean, kids grow up so quickly; when it's come time for them to make those first moves like crawling and talking and everything is so joyfully you do just want them to stay that size that way forever, I love it. I volunteered at a day care before and there is nothing like the excitement and fulfillment you only can get from a child.

Jaded Mama said...

Oh gosh! Crawling that is amazing! I know what you mean about the time going quickly...