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Sunday, July 29, 2007

See You on the Other Side

That was the title of the sermon at church today.

We concluded a four-part series called "The Perfect Storm." The premise was that all of us will have storms in our life. And the point our associate minister was trying to make was this: God is more interested in perfecting us through storms than protecting us from storms.

That's pretty interesting when you think about it.

There was a reason why Bruce entitled it "See You on the Other Side." When we are going through something tragic, it's nearly impossible to see the good. We don't understand why God is making us go through such pain. But sometimes, once we are "on the other side" and can look back, we can understand why God brought us here.

Sharing our story in both services was emotionally draining. Even two years later, it is still so hard to talk about Melissa's death. But Chris and I also know that Melissa was created for such a greater purpose than either of us could have realized at the time. When I walk into the NICU and see the pieces of equipment we have been able to purchase through Melissa's Fund, I'm reminded of that purpose. When I hold the hand of a mom whose baby is in NICU, and talk to, and cry, and comfort that mom, I'm reminded of that purpose. When I'm able to share with a mom who also lost a child, I'm reminded of that purpose.

This is not the path that Chris and I would have ever chosen. But it's the path that God chose for us.

That doesn't mean the "storm" is over. There are still days that are incredibly hard. But two years later, we can look back and better understand why God allowed this to happen.

"See You on the Other Side" also holds another meaning for me. I know I will see Melissa again on the other side. I know my baby girl is in Heaven and I know I will see her again.

What a comfort that is.


Jaded Mama said...


Such a wonderful post! It really touched me.

smile said...

Very Deep and well said -

Caroline said...

What an inspiring post. It is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you.