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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Right Decision

God really goes have a way of working things out.

Back in the spring, I was agonizing over what to do about kindergarten. Go half-day or full-day? Keep Ann Catherine where she was or go somewhere else?

But once Chris and I made our decision, I felt a peace about it. And today just confirmed that we did the right thing for her.

Ann Catherine got to go to her classroom this morning to meet her teacher and drop off her school supplies. She had some butterflies this morning. Like her mother, she worries about the unknown. But she grabbed her backpack, nap mat and off we went.

(That backpack is as big as she is!)

We walked into school together with her backpack full of school supplies. She insisted on wearing it, even though it was heavy. I asked her to let me carry it instead and she said, "No, mommy. I'm a big kid. I can do this."

Boy, that's hard for a mommy to hear.

We walked into her classroom and her teacher got on her knees, looked Ann Catherine right in the eyes and told her how happy she was to meet her.

And I knew at that moment, that we had done what was right for our child. She is exactly where she is supposed to be.

That helps this mommy, who knows that Monday will be a struggle. Not for her, but for me. I may miss AC as I leave her classroom on Monday, but I won't worry about her.

I know she is going to be just fine.

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Stephanie T said...

Hope to see you to give you a hug Monday - prayers for all the emotions to come!