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Monday, August 16, 2010

LB's Turn

Today Lily Baker headed back to preschool. This was probably a good thing because although Ann Catherine loved kindergarten last week, she was a little bummed that LB was getting to stay home while she had to go to school. And even though LB will just go a few mornings a week, I think it made it a little easier for AC!

She was so excited about going to school today. And Ann Catherine "passed down" her Dora backpack. LB was thrilled about wearing it!

As we walked outside to take pictures, I felt a little guilty that it was only us. I know kindergarten is a bigger deal, but for AC's first day we were all here to pose for pictures. For LB, it was just her. Then as I was snapping her pictures, my friend Brooke drove by, hopped out of the car and took one of us together. Perfect timing!

Today was a little different for me, too. This was the first time (except for when one of my kids was sick) that I have walked into that preschool with only one child since AC was two years old. It felt so strange not having Ann Catherine with us, and I was a little worried about how Lily Baker would react. Church was a little rough for her last week because Ann Catherine moved up and they were no longer together. But she did great! LB is just such an easy child. No matter what new situation she's placed in, she just swims instead of sinking. Today was no exception.

A little tougher for me today was dropping AC off at school. All last week they let moms walk the kindergarteners in. As I told my husband this morning after dropping her off, walking your child into school is one thing. Dropping her off from the car and watching her walk inside that big school all by herself is another. I'm not going to lie. It was tough. But she did great.

LOTS of transitions and changes going on at our house. But we're adapting.

My little girls are growing up.

(**This weekend's Swim for Melissa was unbelievable. A post is coming - I just need to collect my thoughts :)

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The HoneaBees said...

What a big girl! The second ones just grow up so much faster! She is a sweet girl! You know Buddy LOVES Lil' Baker!