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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Car Pool Line

As a news anchor, I did some pretty intimidating things.

I rode in a news car countless times as a photographer and I chased tornadoes down the highway. I covered an approaching hurricane, with winds so strong that I couldn't open the door of the news car. I interviewed important people - and some who were a little scary.

None of that compares to the car pool line.

If you have children in school, you know what I'm talking about.

If your children are still in preschool, and you blissfully walk them in and out each day, just hold on.

Your day is coming.

I'm quite sure that NOTHING has intimidated me like the car pool line. The first week of school, my friend Andrea and I were texting like crazy. What time did you arrive? Where are you in line? Are you taping your kids' sign to the front window or putting it on a coat hanger around the mirror like the smart mother next to me? Am I even in the right lane???

And if you have an activity after school and you need to pick them up quickly and be on your way, you need to arrive thirty minutes before school is out. That's right. Thirty minutes. Each day I bring something new to do. I have written thank you notes, written news releases, filled out paperwork. Chris and I actually went to the store this weekend to find a smaller laptop so I can work on my part-time marketing job while sitting in line.

So far, LB has been a champ. I am waiting for the day where she has to go to the potty RIGHT NOW! So far, we've been lucky. Plus, I make her go before we leave the house.

Because let me tell you something. I am NOT losing my spot in line. Potty break or not.

A week and a half later, I feel like I am conquering the car pool line. Well, maybe not conquering it, but I am managing it. The teachers and administrators do a great job of keeping things moving. AC actually jumps out of the car at the right time in the morning and finds her way back when I pick her up. Sometimes it takes her a little while to buckle up. If you are behind me, please have mercy that we aren't moving right away. We are doing the best we can.

Before long we'll be pros at this.

This must be what it feels likes to climb Mt. Everest.


Erin said...

How sweet!
I love reading your blog Amy!

one BleSSed gal! said...

Car line wears me out too! I've blogged about it before. And I too love when a little voice from the backseat starts declaring her need to potty...when we've still got 30 more minutes of sitting in line. I've considered carpooling or the bus, but I LOVE that little ride home when they tell me all about their day! Have fun...hope you get lots of work done :)

April Clark said...

Our carpool line is ROUGH, but it does get better and shorter. Then in January, hopefully it will be E-A-S-Y!!!! I fLB ever needs to potty, just bring her to my room. I'm the 4th classroom on the 1st grade hallway.

Also, I just read your last post about having to drop AC off and watch her walk in. I did that 2 years ago, and I still cry thinking about it. Kennedy started K two days before Case was born. I worked the first 2 days of the school year and she stayed out the 3rd day for Case's arrival. Matt took her the whole next week, so when it was my turn, I watched her get out of the car, put her bag on her shoulder, and walk away. Matt had warned me, but I was not prepared! That was one of the most gut-wrenching mommy moments ever!