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Thursday, August 12, 2010

AC on Television

A few weeks ago, my former co-anchor and good friend Jerry Hayes came to our house. He wanted to interview us for one of his three stories about this year's Swim for Melissa.

He specifically wanted to interview Ann Catherine since this was her first year to take part in Swim for Melissa. So she and I talked about it and I explained that Mr. Jerry just wanted to talk to her about the NICU and Melissa's Fund and why we take part in Swim for Melissa each year. I also told her that he would probably want to talk to her about Melissa.

She was fine with that. She has no problems talking about her sister.

It's still a little hard for me, though. All morning long, I thought about her and cried several times. I thought if I "got it all out" before Jerry got here, that I would be able to talk about her on camera.

Jerry wanted to interview me and Chris together, instead of separately. So Jerry asked his first question, and I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes filling up with tears. And I just looked at Chris, and as always he saved me and answered Jerry.

The story airs tonight on NewsChannel 19 at 10 and will air again Friday morning during the morning newscast. I haven't seen it yet, but I trust Jerry with my life. I know it will be tastefully done. Whether I come across as a blubbering mommy is another story.

Ann Catherine had a great time with Jerry. They have a sweet relationship. Here they are during the interview in her room:

My favorite part of the day came when it was all over. The girls went in their playroom to sing and play music for Jerry. Well, Jerry picked up AC's pink guitar and joined in. It was hysterical! You all just think that Jerry is a poised and polished anchorman :)

We can't wait to see the story tonight. I'm sure I'll cry the whole time. But I hope it can also help parents who are facing what we went through when we lost Melissa. Even through the tears, you can smile again.

We are living proof.


Stephanie T said...

"Even through tears you can smile again." As I sit here with tears flowing for you, me, and all others who have had a loss, I just want to tell you again how thankful I am (along with MANY others) for your openness and REAL accounts of what this journey really is - an unmentionable, unthinkable trial that can be the most indescribible and immeasurable event that proves God's REAL presence in our lives!! I can't wait to see you guys tonight and cry some more - with you and for you!

See you Saturday!

The HoneaBees said...

Ann Catherine on TV! You know that is the perfect place for her! I will be watching tonight with AA-she is getting to sleep with us one more time before school starts. She will be so proud of her friend!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Just watched, so touching Amy! AC did great!!! and that painting of your 3 girls is BEAUTIFUL!!