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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Showing Compassion

We sponsor a beautiful little girl through Compassion International. Her name is Masleo and she lives in a very poor part of Africa.

Her picture is in AC's room and we pray for her often and send her pictures and letters. Her birthday is next month so today AC and I went to get her a birthday card.

As we talked about her in the car, I realized that my daughter didn't have a clue about what it means to be poor like Masleo. She can't even comprehend that kind of poverty. Because even on our worst day, we still have more than they do.

I turned down the radio and realized that God was giving me a "teaching moment." I tried to put it on her terms. I explained that Masleo didn't get new clothes from Gymboree or new toys from Target. I told her that Masleo's dinner table didn't contain all of the food that ours did.

She asked if Masleo had a Target nearby and I explained there were no stores like that near her home. I told her that Masleo was very poor and didn't have all of the things that she and Lily Baker had. I tried to explain to her how blessed she was that God allowed her to be part of a family that had all they needed. And I told her that it was our reponsibility as followers of Christ to reach out to children like Masleo and help them.

Then she looked at me as serious as could be and asked, "Well, why don't we just bring her to live at our house?"

That's when I was reminded of why Jesus loves the children so much. Their answers and desires are so pure.

I can't think of anything nobler or more fulfilling than giving a child like Masleo a good home. If that is God's will for our lives one day, I would be so happy. But if it is not, then we can at least make a small difference in Masleo's life from thousands of miles away.

Most importantly, I want my children to understand that there is another world out there that looks nothing like theirs. I want them to have a genuine love and desire for kids like Masleo.

I want them to realize that stuff is just that - stuff. It's how we love others that really matters.

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Olivia said...

And that is just another reason to add to the many of why I love my Goddaughter so much! What a sweetheart!