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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Lesser Known Friend

LB and I were playing this morning. Here was the conversation:

LB: Mommy, let's play Strawberry Shortcake! I be Strawberry Shortcake, you be Angel Cake and Sissy can be Orange Possum.

Me: Um, Lily Baker, it's Orange Blossom, not Orange Possum.

LB: No, no Mommy! It Orange Possum!

I'm thinking she doesn't sell well in the stores.


BKaminski said...

Hi, so you dont know me but I found your blog while I was trying to find blogs of people in Huntsville as I may be taking a job there soon and thought I could get a feel for the people of the area through blogs...kinda strange I know. Any way just wanted to let you know this post was too funny!

Michael Werner said...

This was so funny