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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hockey Champs!

(LB and AC after the Championship game with their favorite Havoc hockey players, Justin Rohr and Travis Kauffeldt)

Yes. That's Lily Baker sitting inside the President's Cup. Chris and I laughed the whole way home about that one! Chris took the girls onto the ice after the game and the next thing I know, Justin plops LB inside the trophy :)

The Huntsville Havoc are the SPHL Champions and we were there for every second of the game Saturday night! We really had a blast. We are so happy for the players, and especially the owners Keith and Becky Jeffries, General Manager Kevin Walker and Assistant GM Ashley Balch. They run such a class organization and give so much back to this community!

It's actually a good thing the season is over because AC's favorite t-shirt (which she wore to almost every game) is turning a dingy shade of gray.

Here's Travis hoisting the Cup after the game...

...which reminds me of my favorite line of the night. I had told AC before the game that if the Havoc won they would get a big trophy. As soon as the game ended she said, "Mommy! Where's the Stanley Cup?!"

Don't know what's funnier. The fact that she thought the Havoc players were actually winning the Stanley Cup or that my Alabama born and bred four-year-old even knows what the Stanley Cup is! :)

AC will now have to enjoy NHL hockey on television to get her fix. And because those playoffs last forever, she'll have plenty of time to watch them with her daddy.

Thanks, Havoc, for a great season!

***btw, thanks to those of you who left such sweet and uplifting comments after my last post. You'll never know what it means to me. As I have said before, my blog is a type of therapy for me (I know many of you feel the same way about your own) and it helps me to be able to talk about Melissa and this never-ending journey we are on. Thanks for going on this journey with us! :)


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

We were there last night too, it was a GREAT game! Love the pic of the girls with the guys and the trophy, GREAT memories =)

Ashley C. said...

I didn't miss a single home game all year and made it to alot of away games and I can't tell you the joy I felt when those last few seconds ticked off! It was an amazing game, well actually an amazing series over all.
Those two boys, Justin and Trav, are two of the nicest on the team. I have never seen Justin be rude to a single fan.
I was also glad to see that some of the old boys, Billy Mac, BJ, Ray Ray, Trav, and them finally get there cup! They have wanted it for so long!
But the best part of this night was seeing all the guys so excited and celebrating that they jumped in the pond. I was standing in the skate lobby and seen y'all leave so I do not believe y'all got to see it, but it was so much fun!
But anyway, Hope to see y'all next season :)