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Sunday, November 15, 2009

To My Rainbow

Lily Baker,
How in the world are you three already?!

It just doesn't seem possible.

I will never forget when we learned you were coming. Your daddy and I could not have been more surprised. For the next nine months, God took us on a journey of learning to trust Him. Yes, we were scared at times, and when you arrived breathing and healthy, we breathed a giant sigh of relief.

It was so crazy when we brought you home. Sissy, as you call her, was only 17-months-old and we had moved into our new home just three days earlier (don't ever do that, honey!). We couldn't tiptoe around you as we had when AC was born, or take naps when you did (as we did when AC was a baby) because we had to also take care of her. So we put your bassinet in the middle of the den, in the middle of all of the chaos.

And you slept.

The first night we came home from the hospital, I woke up in a fright! I had slept for five hours and you hadn't made a sound. I quickly looked at the bassinet next to us, put my hands on your tummy - and you were sleeping so soundly. It was vintage LB - just doing your own thing.

I will never forget your first Christmas. We were at Mimi's house and it was so loud it could have registered on the Richter Scale. Through it all, you just slept. For hours. You were the perfect baby.

As you grew, I began to realize what an amazing person you are. You are the funniest person I have ever known. You have such a wonderful personality. The other night at dinner you were singing some silly song and we were all laughing. AC was laughing especially hard and she said, "Lily, you just crack me up." You crack us all up.

As time went on, my eyes were truly opened to this beautiful gift God had given us. Lily Baker, God sent healing to us - through you. You healed our broken hearts. You gave us hope. You completed us.

That's why I call you my rainbow. Just as God sent the rainbow to Noah after such a horrible storm, God sent you to us after the worst storm of our lives. And just as the rainbow was God's promise to Noah, you were our promise from Him. A promise that after the nights and nights of heavy rain, the sun would finally come out.

And her name was Lily Baker.

You and I love to play this little game. I'll say, "Lily Baker, I need to tell you a secret!" and you'll come running, even though you know exactly what's coming.

Me: I love you, Lily Baker.
LB: I love you too, Mommy.
Me: You're my rainbow.
LB: You're my rainbow too, Mommy.

Oh, you have no idea.

At your party Friday, I was completely overwhelmed as God brought it home to me once again. We were singing "Happy Birthday" to you, and AC leaned over and hugged you. My eyes filled with tears.

She needed you so badly, LB. We all did. I can't imagine this life without you.

How fitting at church this morning that we sang, "How Great is our God." God is so great, LB. He knew what we needed. And he sent you to us. As long as I live, I can never thank Him enough for such an amazing gift.

Happy Birthday, my rainbow. May you shine forever.


"Allie Play" said...

As I read this my eyes filled with tears. You seem like such a wonderful mom and inspiration. Happy Birthday to LB!
Tashia Lovell

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Beautiful :)