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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LB's Birthday Extravaganza

I just wanted to post some pictures from LB's birthday weekend! We had a small party Friday of close friends and family. LB wanted a "Blue's Clues" party. Have any of you ever tried to find "Blue's Clues party supplies?! It's near impossible! I finally found plates and napkins on eBay of all things (you really can find anything there) and Peggy Ann Bakery came through for me - as they always do - and made an adorable "Blue's Clues" cake.

Luckily, we have plenty of Blue's Clues stuffed animals at our house so I brought them to complete the theme.

Here are some pix!

Then we came home and opened gifts with Mimi and Poppy:

A Sesame Street playhouse!! (And AC wearing her new Fancy Nancy dress from Mimi and Poppy :)

Then on Saturday, we had a birthday celebration with Gammy and Gramps. I made strawberry cupcakes and let the girls help. They loved licking the batter!! I finally had to make AC stop (she has a sweet tooth just like her daddy!) because I thought she was going to get sick! :)

New suitcases from Gammy and Gramps!

Funny story: these were supposed to be Christmas presents but AC saw them in the trunk of Gramps' car and they quickly became birthday presents :)

And her own laptop from Mommy and Daddy so AC can finally have hers back!!

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