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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show and Tell

Ann Catherine is just having the best time in her class this year! Her teacher does such a great job of making learning fun. I told you last week how they had a pajama party and picnic to help them learn the letter "p." In a few weeks, she gets to dress up as something that starts with "t." They do really neat things to reinforce what they are learning.

One of the neatest things is the Show and Tell bag. Each week a student gets to take it home. They fill it with things and then take it back to school to share with the class.

When I picked up AC yesterday, she was holding the Show and Tell bag and was so excited that it was her turn!

I told her on the way home that she needed to choose things that were special to her. She came up with the following:

First off, her Lamby. This is her security. I can't tell you how much she loves her Lamby. She has had it all of her life and it comforts her. Lamby is part of the family.

Next, her Squeaky bear. She made Squeaky at the Build-A-Bear Workshop when she was two and it's just like her cousin Ally's bear (which is also named Squeaky). She loves her Squeaky!

Next, her Melissa angel. When you squeeze her belly, she says:

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
May angels guard me through the night
And keep me in their blessed sight. Amen.

And lastly, her puck. Not just any puck, but the one she got to drop at this year's Melissa George Night at the Huntsville Havoc game.

Her bag was full this morning!

Also, as a added bonus she wore her Canada shirt that Uncle Geoff and Aunt Lisa bought her while we were in Canada in August.

Her teacher told me that her Show and Tell choices led to an interesting discussion in class today. I'm not sure if she was showing her Melissa angel or the puck when she said this, but her teacher told me that she told the class, "I have a sister who looks just like me. But she's not here. She's in Heaven."

When her teacher told me this, I began to cry. AC can put in such plain terms what I struggle with sometimes. I was surprised that she could explain it so easily to her friends. I guess we as adults "overthink" it. She knows the truth and she is okay with it.

She is my hero.

Her teacher told me that the kids were confused because they know Lily Baker as her sister. So the teacher explained to the kids that AC is actually a twin and the sister she was talking about is her twin, Melissa. Then the teacher went on to tell them about Melissa's Fund and how it helps babies who are born sick.

She said you could have heard a pin drop in that four-year-old class.

As we drove home, I was filled with emotion. AC will never know how much strength she gives me. So often, I grieve that Melissa isn't with Ann Catherine - I know she is in her heart, but I mean physically with her. Melissa should be in that classroom, too. She should hug and kiss me when I drop her off in the morning. She should run and hug me when I pick her up.

But, you know what? She was there today. Her spirit was there and it lives forever in Ann Catherine.

I am constantly amazed at God's goodness. He just gives me so many blessings in the midst of my grief. He allows Melissa's spirit to live on in the lives of those who love her.

Ann Catherine is living proof of that.


Sherrill G. said...

God is so good to us. I truly think He speaks comfort to us through these precious children BECAUSE we are "overthinking" it and it is easier for Him to plant His comforting words of wisdom in their innocent, trusting minds. And then He prompts them to share with us - and one more time His precious promises are evident in our lives. And as an added bonus, I believe He is giving them a foundation of faith in Him that will never be shaken.

And by the way, I LOVED your "aha" moment of a few weeks ago. :-) There is just nothing that stays with you and "grows" you like an "aha" moment from Him. I've had a few - and I am so thankful for every one! Thank you once again for sharing your journey of faith through your pain - my family will ALWAYS be grateful.

Amy said...

You are so precious! I was just reading Stephanie's post today about Abby at the cemetery the other day and it just touched my heart. Your family is very special to me too!