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Friday, October 2, 2009

Scarecrow Trail

Today Ann Catherine had her first field trip - and Lily Baker and I got to go, too!

We went to the Scarecrow Trail at the Botanical Gardens. AC was so bummed last night because I explained to her that it was supposed to rain Friday morning and if it did, the school was going to cancel the trip. The first thing she asked me when she woke up was, "Is it raining, Mommy?" Luckily for us, the rain had already passed through and we could go!

It was a little chilly when we arrived, but the girls didn't mind. Plus, they got to wear their new Halloween shirts for the first time, and you know how exciting that is when you are little!

We had such a great time and LB thought she was so big hanging out with the 4-year-olds!

Here are some cute pix. After you look at them, scroll down for my "are you kidding me?!" story of the day. :)

Okay, here's my story. We're walking along the trail and I notice that Lily is walking on her tip toes. At our house, that's the sure sign for "Oh no! Lily has to poop!"

So I ask her and she says no. However, she wants me to pick her up. (That's another sign.)

So we are walking along and all of a sudden she gets THE LOOK on her face.

"Lily, do you have to poop?"

"Yes!" she says with this look on her face that says "Mommy, you're a day late and a dollar short!"

So I say, "Okay, I'll find a bathroom, but please, please, please, don't poop in your pants Lily!"

Now let me set the scene. We are in the middle of the Botanical Gardens. Wide open spaces everywhere, but no bathroom.

So I grab AC's hand and we take off running. I have no idea where we are running. I think I was hoping a bathroom would just magically appear.

Oh wait, I see a house ahead. Let's go girls!

And we run to that house (all the while LB's eyes and watering and she is trying with every fiber (no pun intended) of her being not to poop. And it ain't looking good.)

We finally get there and guess what? It's not a house. It's this open atrium looking thing. With no bathroom in sight.

"AC, where is a bathroom?!" I ask her. Then I realize she is four and has only been here once.

"Let's go this way!" I say and off we go.

Finally I see a real house in the distance. And I see what appears to be a bathroom door.

We get there (after what felt like a mile of running - I swear I thought my arm was going to fall off from carrying Lily) and yes, there is a bathroom!! LB does her business (while AC, ever the cheerleader, claps for her and tells her how proud she is of her) and off we go to rejoin our friends.

That's our family. We can't just go somewhere like normal people. There's always a story with us.

Oh, well. We had a great time! Maybe next time LB gets the urge we'll be in a closed building with clear signs pointing towards the bathroom! :)


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

How funny, had to LOL!!! Love the scarecrow trail... will have to check it out this year!!

Michael Werner said...

Ya i agree about the need for clear sign for where the restrooms are