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Friday, October 23, 2009

We Got to Go!!

I have been so sad lately thinking that we would not make our annual fall trip to Tate Farms.

It's a tradition in our house (and in many of yours too judging from your recent blog posts!) but every time we have planned to go this year it has rained! With Halloween fast approaching, I had almost given up on going.

Yesterday afternoon I was driving over the mountain, looked up and saw the blue skies and thought, "Why not today?!" So I called Chris and he met us there after work.

It was so much fun!! (And did I mention 77 degrees? Woohoo!!) And here's a tip that I won't charge you a dime for - go during the week!! We have always gone on the weekends and it's swarming with people. Yesterday when we hopped on the hayride to go pick our pumpkins there was one other family on board. It was wonderful!!

We learned some things on this trip. AC is a city girl, through and through. The entire time we were in the field choosing our pumpkins, she kept going "eww!' because there was dirt everywhere, along with the insides of some pumpkins. Chris said, "Ann Catherine, you are such a girl!" To which she replied, "Yes, just like my mommy." What can I say? Yes, I am a girly girl, but I do love going to the farm.

Here are some pics!

On the hayride!

LB trying hard to pick up a pumpkin...

She did it!!

Lily sitting on her prized possession...

and AC being her girly self.

Next up, my kids' favorite - the corn crib!!

There were lots of "Cannonballs!" (think Ron Burgundy) and "corn angels" (instead of snow angels). And what is more fun than daddy covering you with corn! :)

Lily was dying to see the farm animals. We went straight for the bunnies, which LB loves. AC, on the other hand, gave me this. My precious grandfather, who farmed for a living among other things, is sitting in Heaven seriously wondering where this child came from!

I mean, she is right. The barn did stink, but again, you are on a farm. That's how it is. LB, on the other hand, didn't care!

I did finally get AC to pet a bunny...

...but she was much more interested in this! (At our house, the games and rides are a huge part of the Tate Farms experience. While Chris and I are there to get the pumpkins, AC is more concerned with playing!)

My October is now complete!!


Anna said...

What a perfect day to go! It was beautiful yesterday!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Looks like we just missed each other... we went Wed. afternoon and I was beginning to think the same thing this year... we werent gonna be able to go. Thank God for the beautiful weather this week!!
Love all the pics looks like ya'll had a great tate farms trip :)

Candy said...

We went last Saturday and it was freezing! We went with our church group and only stayed about an hour. Too cold for the little ones. I was so disapointed because we too take a trip every year to Tates Farm. My little girl was so upset because she couldn't do anything. I'm trying to talk my husband into taking us again before Halloween. Wish me luck :)

Will said...

Awww. Tate is always so much fun. So, are we going to see you, Chris and the girls at the UAH games this year?

Ashley said...

We were there on Thursday too. It could not have been any better of weather. Amy, I found your blog and started following it last year when I began blogging. I have a Melissa George NICU post on my blog because our daughter was a preemie, and we spent time in the NICU. Thank you for the support and fundraising you do. I love Huntsville NICU. They saved our baby's life, and we will forver hold the NICU and Melissa in our hearts. I admire your strength and wisdom. Thank you for ministering to others through your own storm. God bless you and your family.

Anna said...

I'm glad that they had fun!! My son Shon and I were there a couple of weeks ago! He loved it!! :)