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Friday, October 30, 2009

Jack-o-lanterns, Fairies and Bumblebees

We decided to carve pumpkins this year.

Let me rephrase that. Chris carved them while I washed dishes and the girls kept grabbing the carving utensils and waving them in the air, while Chris said, "Girls, put those down!" about every five minutes.

Ahhh, the joys of Halloween.

Last year we painted them with my friend Susan. The girls loved it but we couldn't settle on a date this year (and mommy is severely challenged when it comes to painting!). So Chris decided he would carve them this year.

Lily "helping"...

...and AC taking a candy break. She's my kind of kid.

Pumpkin guts stink!

I think Chris did a great job, don't you?!

Yesterday, the girls had their Halloween parties at school. I wanted to get a cute picture of the fairy and bumblebee outside in their costumes. For some reason, Lily Baker kept looking across the street (at what, I don't know!) and Ann Catherine had this pained smile on her face. After six tries of getting just ONE picture where both of my kids were looking at the camera and smiling, I said, "Okay, whoever smiles at the camera gets candy!!" (No, I am not above bribing my kids!! Even with candy. At 8:30 in the morning.).

And I got this.

Yes, I know. They did smile at the camera, but LB's eyes are closed. I finally gave up because we were going to be late for the party. My goal for tomorrow night is to get just one picture that will actually work.

And I'm not holding my breath. :)


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Those pumpkins are amazing!!
I had to get a picture of O-man [for my incourage post tomorrow! yaya!] and literally took over 100 to get just one. And ended up bribing with skittles and waving them in front of the camera. Now that's good parenting.
And your fairy and bumblebee are PRECIOUS!!

The Titsworth Family said...

Chris did a great job on the pumpkins and I love their costumes! Have fun trick or treating! Emma is so excited I hope it doesn't rain.

Stephanie T said...

They are precious!!! If you figure out the trick - please let us all know!! Maybe we should just all post the craziest shot we got of our kids while we were TRYING to get the perfect one!!!