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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swim for Melissa Commercial

Our Swim for Melissa commercial is airing on WHNT Channel 19. Just wanted to share it with you!

Every year that we have shot this commercial at Hampton Cove pool, it has been sweltering. I mean so hot that the kids stayed in the pool to keep from frying.

Leave it to Mother Nature to throw us a curve ball this year. The day we shot this last week, it was very chilly for July!! (of course, in the South you know "chilly in July" means about 84 degrees :) It wasn't cold, but the sun wasn't out and it was windy. The kids were shivering. I mean shivering with teeth chattering. I couldn't believe it. It's July after all!!

Anyway, they survived and we just barely escaped the rain. (It rained a little at the beginning and started pouring when we finished.) I'm crossing my fingers it's NOT like this on August 15th!!

Don't forget - if your child is interested in swimming that day, it's not too late. Just visit our Swim for Melissa website and sign up today. After you do that, make sure you call the Foundation at 265-8077 to sign up for a swim time. We'll see you there!!

btw, a BIG thanks to Channel 19 and Lite 96.9 for sponsoring our event again this year! Bonny O'Brien has a direct connection to the NICU. Her daughter was there for a couple of days after she was born - at the same time we were there! Lite 96.9 jumped on board the first year and they have been great partners!

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