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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Look What Lily Got!

My girls could not be more different.

AC is my girly-girl. She wakes up wanting to play dress-up or "wear a pretty dress." She loves shoes, jewelry, purses, manicures and pedicures - much like her mommy.

LB is more of a tomboy. Her favorite outfit is an Elmo t-shirt that was worn by my nephew and AC before her and is stained beyond belief. She has more of her daddy's athletic abilities. She is rough and tumble and if she ever cries, I know she is really hurt! The kid is tough!

Lily loves to play golf with her daddy. She has a little set of clubs and, I'm telling you, she can whack that ball! She's been telling Chris she wants to play baseball, so the other day Chris came home with a t-ball set! LB was still in her pjs and ran outside to play. She loved it!!

The joke at our house is that when they get older, Lily and Chris will go play golf while AC and I go shopping. And that's just fine for me and Chris!


LaLa said...

That's my Lily!!! Love it!

Michael Werner said...

Ya Any Love that Picture . Lily . Looks like she could be a player for the Huntsville Stars.