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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Kids are Braver than I Am

Sorry it's been so long since I have posted! We went to the beach for the 4th of July, then when we got back it just seemed crazy. You know how it takes a week after vacation to get back in the swing of things? That was the case for us. But anyway, I am back!

Now to explain the title of my post. Look at what my kids rode on vacation!

Yes, it's a ferris wheel. But not just any ferris wheel. This ferris wheel, at The Wharf in Orange Beach, is the tallest one in the Southeast! I mean, it is massive. There is a Rave movie theater next to it and it towers over it. This picture doesn't even do it justice!

Who took the picture, you ask? That would be their mother - the big, fat chicken. I hate ferris wheels! I've never liked heights and then a few years ago while riding one with Chris, he thought it would be funny to start rocking back and forth while we had stopped on top (that man is just a laugh a minute, I tell you). Ever since, I have had no desire to get back on one.

Apparently, my kids are a lot braver than their mother. My 10-year-old niece wanted to ride it, and because AC worships her, she decided she wanted to ride it too. At first I said no way, but my mom agreed to ride with them. I said okay, but there was no way Lily was getting on it. Of course, once AC got in line LB started crying because she wanted to go too. So off they went, with my niece and my parents.

Right off the bat, they stopped at the very top. I'm freaking out, pretty sure that my kids are screaming with fear. Then the ferris wheel starts moving again, and they blow past me laughing and singing. Unbelieveable. They absolutely loved it.

We had such a great trip. This is the first year that both of my kids enjoyed the sand so that made it so much easier. I love, love, love the beach and am so glad that my kids do too. Here are some pix of our fun trip. Hope you all had a great fourth of July too!

We took a Dolphin cruise and we loved it! There were dolphins jumping all around the boat. The kids loved it!

Lily steering the ship!

Fun at the beach! And then off to the pool...

The pool was definitely their favorite!

Time for the all-important snack and juice break!

Absolutely worn out at the end of the day!

This is one of my favorite pictures. This is AC and LB with their cousins Ally and Will. They love each other so much! We took this picture for my mom and dad so they would have an updated picture of their grandkids. Too cute!


The Titsworth Family said...

I wondered what happened to you Amy! I've been checking in everyday and was getting worried. :) Glad you all had fun at the beach! Love the pic of the girls laying on the sweet together!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Looks like we were at the beach at the same time!! Glad ya'll had fun, we sure did!
Come on Amy you should've rode the ferris wheel.... it goes real slow, LOL!! Sam loved it!
Cute pictures!!

The HoneaBees said...

Please tell me Lily slept in the chair on the bed. That is hilarious!
I am with you on ferris wheels-or any type of ride. Luckily J is the same way...our poor kids will have to be teenagers before they ride anything!

ageorge19 said...

No, that was her "television viewing chair." Pretty funny, huh? My niece set that up for them and when I walked in and saw it I had to snap a picture.

Cabra Clan said...

You're alive!! Looks like you had a great trip!