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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Ann Catherine and Lily had their Easter parties at school today, which included an Easter Egg hunt. They were so precious with their Easter baskets that I had to snap a picture. Of course, as usual, LB was not cooperating. Oh well!

Last night, after they took their bath, Chris helped them put their eggs in their baskets. They were so excited! And I was quite amazed that they put the candy in their eggs without eating all of it.

Now for an update on "Potty Watch 2009." (I can't help it. I used to work in TV news where we came up with cheesy headlines for stories like, "Terror in the Heartland" or "Windy Wednesday." Always drove me crazy. Why can't we just read the story? Does every story never some goofy headline? It's so gimmicky! And I'm pretty sure viewers hate it to. But I digress...)

My suspicions have been confirmed. Lily Baker is exerting her authority on this one. Today she only had one morning accident! 'Oh,' you're thinking, 'she must have gone to the potty!' But you would be wrong. Instead, she held it for three hours!! Three solid hours. Then she had an accident. A pretty big one.

This tells me two things. One - she's ready to potty train. If a child can willingly and knowingly hold it, especially for that long, they are ready. Two - she is gonna do this on her own terms. Lord help me.

This is exactly what AC did. Let me tell you, it is maddening!! Your child knows they have to go and they choose not to. Ughhh!!!

So I'm doing a lot of praying. And not just for Lily to figure this out soon, but also for me to have some patience. I need it! :)


Ginger said...

Can I tell you how much I agree with you on the cheesy headlines? :) It drives me up the wall!

The HoneaBees said...

My favorite was a story about the massage parlors around town called "The Low Down on the Rub Down" I think Cliff Hill did the story. I thought how sad for him that he had to promo that story about 150 times.
Good luck with potty training! I'll pray for patience - I don't think I had that!