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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Several times this week I had to resist the urge to buy the girls something for Valentine's Day.

Not because I didn't want them to have anything, but because I wanted their gifts on this holiday to come from Chris instead of me.

That how it was at my house growing up. Each Valentine's Day, my father got something for my mom, my sister and me. Our Valentine's Day gift always came from him. I always knew on that special day that I could count on my daddy.

I can't think of a more important job than being a father to a little girl. The way fathers love and treat their girls is the way their daughters will grow up expecting men to treat them. Girls with a strong and loving male role model will grow up feeling worthy of love. And they'll look for those same qualities in other men when they are older.

A girl's first love should always be her daddy.

For that reason, I leave Valentine's Day up to Chris. I want their gifts to always be from their daddy. I want him to be their first Valentine. I want this to be their holiday - Chris, Ann Catherine and Lily.

Chris got them candy flowers and cute princess boxes with candy necklaces.

As you can see, Lily Baker wasted no time in eating her necklace :)

Also this morning, I took Ann Catherine to a "Mommy and Me" tea at a friend's house. She got all dressed up and had such a good time. Here is a picture of us before we left:

Ann Catherine looked like such a big girl at her tea. I almost cried as we walked out the door because she looked so old! My little girl is growing up.

Chris and I celebrated Valentine's Day last night. We went to see the movie "Fireproof" at our church (I'll blog about that later). My sweet husband gave me a gift card for a massage (which I plan to use very soon!!) and these beautiful roses. I am an old-fashioned girl who LOVES to get flowers and pink roses are my favorite.

The girls spent the night at my parents house, and as much as I love, love, love my girls I have to say it was so nice waking up this morning and just being lazy. I drank my coffee and read the paper and just soaked in the quietness. Of course, by 9 a.m. I missed them like crazy and Chris went to get them. The four of us are going to the Huntsville Havoc game tonight. What a great way to cap off Valentine's Day (there is nothing my girls enjoy more than going to the hockey games). I hope your Valentine's Day is special too!

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The HoneaBees said...

Amen to you on the whole Daddy role model thing! I think that is why so many girls (and boys) are so screwed up. But, I won't get on my soap box.
What a cute idea for the tea party! Precious!!