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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Love Our DVR!!

Okay, I realize Chris and I were a little late moving into the 21st century, but we just don't watch that much tv. Recently, Ann Catherine has gotten into the Doodlebops (which only comes on once a day) so Chris starting setting the DVR so we could record them and she could watch them whenever she wants.

The other night, she was watching Blue's Clues (on regular tv). It was one she had never seen of Blue's first Christmas. She loved it because Steve was a little boy! When it was over, she asked us if she could watch it again. We explained to her that it was over and we didn't record it. Her little mind just couldn't comprehend that, so she cried her eyes out and begged us to let her watch it again. It was so sad!

I asked Chris to do a search and see if he could find it anywhere. He did, and we saw that it would be on Wednesday (today) at 6:30 a.m. on Noggin. So he set the DVR.

We had both completely forgotten about it. This morning, I was doing a search of stuff on our DVR and saw that it recorded this morning. Ann Catherine was over the moon!! She started jumping up and down saying, "I've been wanting to watch that!"

Chalk up one for daddy! As if it's not exciting enough that it's Christmas Eve, Ann Catherine also gets to watch her favorite Blue's Clues!

I snapped this picture of them watching it. (Ann Catherine looks like Janis Joplin in those sunglasses :)

Hope the rest of Christmas is this merry!

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