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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Amazing Faith!

I came across this story as I was surfing the internet yesterday. A reporter with Fox 6 News in Birmingham did a story on Siran Stacy. Many of you remember Stacy from his days as a star running back at the University of Alabama ('89-91).

He was known for his on-the-field ability, but now it's his off-the-field testimony that is making such an impact.

Stacy lost his wife and four of his children last year when a drunk driver broadsided their van. Only he and his three-year-old daughter survived.

Can you imagine? In the blink of an eye, his family of seven went to a family of two.

I know the pain of losing one child. I absolutely cannot fathom the pain of losing four of your children and your spouse.

It would have been so easy for Stacy to become angry at God and turn his back on Him.

Instead, he is using this heartbreaking tragedy to further God's kingdom.

I am so touched by his faith. Wouldn't we all want to be found so faithful in the face of tragedy?

Click here to watch this story. Whether you pull for Alabama or not, you will be touched.

Stacy will be the honorary captain for this year's Iron Bowl. It's a fitting tribute for him, but nothing he accomplished on the field can compare to the lives he is touching now.

When I went to bed last night, I said a prayer for Siran Stacy and his daughter, Shelley. I hope you will too.

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