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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Tree is Up!

I love Christmas.

Even before we had kids, Chris and I both loved this time of year. We would put in a CD of Christmas carols, make hot chocolate and decorate our tree. We just loved putting out decorations.

When we had kids, it became even better.

This year, we did something we had never done before. We let the girls help us decorate the tree.

Let me just say, it was quite an experience. The girls had a blast. At one point, the majority of our ornaments were on the bottom part of the tree. It was hilarious. Once we were finished, Chris fixed their lunch and I "redistributed" the ornaments on the tree to even it out.

This picture shows the funniest part of the day.

When we first put up the tree, Lily walked over to it and tried to blow out the lights! I guess she thought they were like the candles on her birthday cake, and the poor thing went all around the tree trying to blow out the lights. It was so funny!

The most special part of the day came when Chris put the angel on top of the tree. Since Melissa's death, I have developed such a love for angels. We've always had an angel on top of our tree, but last year we purchased a new one and we even let Ann Catherine pick it out. It holds such a special meaning to me, and when I see the angel atop our tree, it makes me feel as if Melissa is with us and watching over us (as I know she is).

I love this picture of Ann Catherine and Lily watching Chris as he put the angel on top of the tree. They were taking it all in!

The tree looks beautiful and I love having it in our home. It's full of ornaments that mean so much to our family and putting it up gave us another chance today to make Melissa part of our family moments. We were able to talk about her as we hung some of her ornaments and as Chris put the angel on top of the tree. I thank God for those opportunities.


The Titsworth Family said...

The tree is beautiful! Looks like the girls had a blast helping decorate. I'm wondering how Emma is going to do with our tree this year. I'm so excited only 1 more month until Christmas!!

Stephanie T said...

Just wanted you to know I have started our family blog. I have listed yours as a link - I hope you don't mind!

Amy George said...

Thanks for letting me know! I can't wait to check it out.