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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I hope your kids enjoyed Halloween. Mine certainly did!

Little Red Riding Hood and Super Girl had a fabulous time trick or treating. First we went to the home of our friends Steve and Laura (or La-La as my girls call her). They are Lily's godparents and dear friends of ours who have been through so much with us. We love them! Laura and Steve were right there with us as we went through the loss of Melissa, Ann Catherine's NICU stay and my pregnancy with Lily. Chris and I knew that we wanted them to be Lily's godparents. They have such a strong faith and are so special to us! The girls love Steve and Laura's children, Josh and Jordan (or Jo-Jo as we call her). As you can see, the Georges are big on nicknames!

Ann Catherine and Lily with Josh and Jo-Jo

Me and Little Red

Our family!

La-La gives Super Girl a ride through the air!

From there we went trick or treating with our friends. Lily was pretty funny. As far as she was concerned, you "get a piece of candy, eat a piece of candy." She simply could not understand why someone would give you a piece of candy, and you had to put it in your pumpkin and keep walking! I fought it for a couple of houses, and then finally broke down and let her start eating some as she went.

Here's Lily searching through her pumpkin looking for something to eat!

Ann Catherine is on her way to the next house. That's Lily in the background taking her own sweet time.

This house had candy on the front porch for you to take. Notice the chocolate on Lily's chin. At this point, I had given in and was letting her eat as she went.

Super Girl at the end of the night enjoying her sucker!


天堂的梦想家 said...

Welcome to my blog!

The Reno Family said...

The girls are adorable! And I think the costumes were very fitting of the girls' personalities! Glad to hear you had a great Halloween!

The Titsworth Family said...

The girls are so cute in costume! The pic of you and Little Red is so sweet too.

Emma was the same as Lily. She kept wanting to eat her candy and then she would take all of the candy from the person at the door! Gotta love our toddlers. :)