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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

The "crud" that's been going through the George household finally made it's way to Lily. She caught Ann Catherine's cold. I was up all night with her Friday and Saturday, so we decided not to go to church Sunday. Lily was too sick, and the last thing she needed was to be outside in the 30 degree weather in her Easter dress. So, I don't have any of the traditional pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. However, I do have some other cute ones. The Easter bunny brought AC a new Elmo DVD and a chocolate bunny and Lily got some teething rings (you didn't know the Easter Bunny was so practical, did you? :)

Sunday afternoon while my parents watched Lily, Chris and I took Ann Catherine to our friend's house and she hunted Easter eggs with the kids. She had so much fun and since she was the youngest, the other kids were so good to help her. We filled the plastic eggs with candy and at one point, Ann Catherine had so much candy stuffed in her mouth, she could barely chew! Boy, did she have fun!

I'm also including a picture of something her daddy bought her this weekend. They left to run errands Saturday while I was taking care of Lily, and they came back with this plastic picnic table! She was so cute - she would sit there and color and watch her Elmo DVD. We tried to let her eat there, but I realized it's still a bad idea for her to be able to get up while she's eating. So, we promptly moved her back to her highchair :) The table came with a little umbrella, so once it gets warm, we'll move it to our backyard so she can play out there.

So despite the sickness in our house - and the freezing temperatures outside - we had a great Easter! And since Lily and Ann Catherine were also going to wear their Easter dresses at Lily's baptism in a couple of weeks, the dresses weren't a total loss. I'll be sure and post pictures from that so you can see how cute they look :)

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