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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Big Helper

I didn't have a "big kid helper" when Lily Baker was born.

Ann Catherine was only 17-months-old. She had just started walking, and still ate in a highchair. In essence, I had two babies for a while.

But I realized this week that if LB had been born now, AC would be a HUGE help!

Tuesday we watched Charlotte, my friend Brooke's baby. She is absolutely precious. And she LOVED Ann Catherine. (LB was napping for most of the visit.) Charlotte's two sisters are actually AC and LB's ages, but Brooke split them up and sent them to our friend Jammie's house. So we just had Charlotte.

It was so fun having a baby around. And AC was so much help, running to get Charlotte a blanket, baby dolls and other toys. She even helped me feed her and if Charlotte started to cry, AC would jump up and dance. Of course, AC is such a mommy anyway so I wasn't at all surprised.

While we were feeding Charlotte AC said, "Mommy, I wish we had a baby sister" to which I replied, "Tell your daddy that when he gets home."

She did, and he answered, "Just pretend Charlotte is your baby sister."

Ha - that funny guy. I could have told AC that would have been his response.

But it was much more fun watching her put him on the spot. :)


Beth said...

My Caitlin was 5 when her little brother Harrison was born, and she was such a BIG help!! She treated him like he was her baby doll until he turned 1 and started getting into her "stuff"! I never wanted my kids that far apart in age (I wanted 2 years!), but God didn't like MY plan. God does have a sense of humor because I had the same due date for both of my babies, and their birthdays are a day apart!

I luv my Life as a Wife and Mommy said...

Amy- I have followed your blog for a while! I love your blog and your family!!:)

Beth- I had the same problem as you! When my son was born my daughter was 4.5 and then about when he turned one and walking and into her stuff.. I realized this is why people have kids closer together! But I was like you! We tried for 3 years to get pregnant so it was God's plan.. not mine! So does it get easier! HA!!