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Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

We had quite the week at our house. Wednesday AC got to celebrate her "half birthday." Since she has a summer birthday, her teacher let her have a little party with her classmates that day.

On the way home from school Monday, AC told me she doesn't like cupcakes because she doesn't like the cake part. So instead of the usual cupcakes, could we get cookies from her favorite - Peggy Ann Bakery? Well of course, we could! They created these cute flower cookies for her - pink sprinkles for the girls and purple ones for the boys. AC could NOT have been happier!

Ms. Sonya let her pass them out to all of her friends!

The most precious part was when we were posing for the picture above of the three of us. AC leaned over and whispered into Chris' ear, "Daddy, I'm so glad you're here!" My heart just smiled. She missed her daddy so much last week while we were at the beach and has really wanted to spend time with him these last few days. I just love that my girls love their daddy so much!

Chris walked into LB's room to get her, and she went running to him. It's such an unexpected treat when Daddy shows up at school!

Speaking of AC, that child just makes me feel so loved. I had to shoot some commercials Tuesday afternoon, and when I arrived home you would have thought she hadn't seen me in years. She ran to the door as soon as Chris opened it shouting, "Mommy!!" She wanted to grab my suit jacket and "help" me carry it inside. Then she crawled on the sofa next to me and just couldn't get close enough. Chris kept telling her to go back in the kitchen and finish her dinner, but she wouldn't hear of it. So I told her I would heat up last night's spaghetti and eat with her. That thrilled her! And instead of sitting in her usual chair at the kitchen table, she pulled her chair up right next to me.

We have a special bond. We went through a lot together.

Man, I love that little girl.

btw, I snapped these pix of LB while she was trying to water the plants that morning. I love them!

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