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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hanging Out with their Cousins

Ann Catherine is in hog heaven this week. Her cousins Ally & Will are in town.

They're staying at my parents' house and Ann Catherine is staying there, too. They have had a blast! Yesterday, my dad took them all fishing. Today my dad, mom, Ally, Will, Ann Catherine and Lily went to Chucky Cheese. This afternoon, they played in the backyard - volleyball, baseball, badminton. You name it, they played it.

Ann Catherine is having the time of her life. And I am so glad. There is something so comforting about being at your grandparents house. Besides that, it's just fun. Mimi and Poppy let you do things that Mommy and Daddy would never let you do. I laughed today that it will take a week for me to "undo" everything and get Ann Catherine back on a schedule.

But, that's okay. She's a kid, and I want her to feel like one.

Not to mention, she absolutely worships Ally. She has been on Ally's heels all week and doesn't want her to get out of her sight. She thinks Ally hung the moon. Plus, hanging out with Ally makes her feel like a "big girl."

I'm so glad she and Lily are spending time with Ally & Will this week. And I'm glad they are doing it at their grandparents' house. These times are truly priceless.

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