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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birthday Party Madness

That's really the only way to explain a three-year-old's birthday party - madness.

I seriously think Saturday was the hottest day ever. It was crazy! We have had all of Ann Catherine's birthday parties outside. It's always in early June and it's usually pretty nice outside.

Not this past Saturday.

Apparently the high Saturday was ten degrees above average. It was absolutely miserable. We had canopies outside, but they didn't help much. We put Ann Catherine's new inflatable trampoline outside so the kids could jump, but the trampoline itself got so hot the kids couldn't stand it. About ten minutes into the party, I told the kids to head on inside and play in the playroom.

Other than that, it was a great party and Ann Catherine had a wonderful time. Three really is the magic number. This was the first time that Ann Catherine really understood that she was having a birthday party, and what it meant. Of course, opening the presents was pure pandemonium. I was feverishly writing down who gave her what, because as soon as she ripped it open, she moved onto the next thing.

Ann Catherine's party had a Princess theme, but I told all of the children to dress comfortably since we had planned to have the party outside. My niece and nephew gave Ann Catherine a Belle dress as a gift, and she just had to put it on. I let her and snapped a cute picture of them.

When I put Ann Catherine's candles on her cake, I added an extra one. This is something I've done since Ann Catherine's first birthday. It's a way I can remember Melissa, who also would have been celebrating her party had she lived. But just as I told Ann Catherine the morning of her party, I bet Melissa had a great party of her own in Heaven. In fact, I'm sure of it.

One of my favorite pictures from the party is of Lily eating her cake. Those of you who have read my blog for a while probably can recall the pictures I snapped of Lily at her first birthday party. She dug into her cake and had it all over her face! Well, Saturday I gave her some cake, and she did it again. Watching Lily eat cake is absolutely hilarious! Her face was covered in cake and icing.

As I laid in bed last night, I just thanked God for my girls and for giving us such a great day.

But as many of you parents can relate, I'm thinking this may be the last "at-home" party for Ann Catherine. The thought of renting one of those places where they do all of the work - and keep it air-conditioned - sounds really good right now :)

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Anonymous said...

We had a blast at Ann Catherine's birthday party! The girls have yet to stop talking about it and asking when they can visit "Aunt Catherine" again. They definitely need some more "Godsister time!"