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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Making Easter Cookies

"Ann Catherine, I bought you a surprise today," her daddy said as we were eating supper tonight.

I thought he meant Easter egg dye. So did Ann Catherine and when she asked he said, "Yes, but I also bought you something else. But, you have to eat all your food before you can see it."

Of course, she started shoving food in her mouth as quickly as possible. When I opened the refrigerator door to get Ann Catherine some apple slices for dessert, I saw the surprise: Easter bunny cookie dough!

As soon as I told Ann Catherine, she couldn't concentrate on eating anymore. But, we made her finish her meal, and then we made cookies!

She had the best time. As you can see from the picture up above, mommy had a pretty good time, too! It's just those special things - like making Easter bunny cookies - that create the most special memories. And I'm so grateful for a husband who sees Easter bunny cookie dough, and knows that such a small purchase will mean the world to his daughter.

Chris also snapped the picture of me and Lily tonight. Lily is still a snuggler (thank goodness!) and tonight she crawled in my lap and just hung out, drinking her juice. It was so special, and so needed. I've had a rough week, emotionally speaking. As I blogged earlier this week, I've been thinking of Melissa a lot lately and it's been pretty hard at times. But, during those times, God always sends "gentle reminders" that everything is going to be okay.

Tonight that reminder was sent in the form of Easter bunny cookies and a snuggle from my little one.


Anonymous said...

Any, Ann Catherine. Is a very sweet. And I just can for forget about Little Lily . Question Is lily trying to talk yet?

Jaded Mama said...


I think around the holidays it always hits you hardest that someone is missing...especially when you have special things that you do with Ann Catherine and Lily.

Why not set out a special Easter basket for Melissa. Have Ann Catherine make a special card and put in the basket. Or write messages on a balloon and have Ann Catherine and Lily let it go in the backyard and send your love up to Melissa in heaven.

My mom wasn't the greatest example about how to deal with grief over the loss of a child. She would just get depressed for the entire month and no one could make her feel better. I am so glad that you focus on the positive!

Hang in there! Sending you a big hug!

Amy George said...

Lily can say 4 things: ma-ma, da-da, Elmo and go (when she wants to go outside). But, she is jabbering up a storm and wants to talk so bad!
Jaded Mama, those are such good ideas. I will probably do something like it once Ann Catherine is old enough to understand. At Christmas, we do hang a stocking for Melissa and we light a candle in memory of her on Christmas Eve while we read the Christmas story. I hadn't thought of doing something similar for Easter. Thanks for the idea. By the way, my thoughts are also with you today. I hope your Easter was happy!