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Monday, June 11, 2007

Look How Big I Am!

When you have a baby, you are so aware of milestones. The entire first year of life is one transition to another.

Lily has reached a developmental milestone. She is sitting up unassisted.

I snapped this picture of her the other day. She was sitting in the floor, just playing.

She had been sitting upright for a while, but she would get a little wobbly and we would put a boppy behind her to keep her stable. But now, she doesn't even need that.

She also sits in her high chair now and eats like a big girl! We most recently tried green beans and she loved them! So far she's had carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas and green beans - and she hasn't disliked any of them :) She is such a good eater.

Lily is also going through another phase. She now realizes when I leave the room. Up until now, she didn't get upset if I walked away from her. But now, if I'm in the room with Lily and I walk out, she starts to cry. It's amazing how those emotions start forming, even as a baby.

Speaking of my sweet Lily, she recently had her 6 month pictures made and they are so cute! We go to an AMAZING photographer - Kristin Farnsworth of Whispers Photography in Madison. I'm going to ask if she'll post some of Lily's pictures on her website so I can share with you. Stay tuned!

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