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Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Best Laid Plans....

...of mice and men often go awry.

OK, John Steinbeck actually said that but it applied to me last week.

Wednesday, February 28th, was my last day at NewsChannel 19. I planned to blog about it. But by the time I got home I was both physically and mentally exhausted. So I went to bed and thought, 'I'll do that tomorrow.'

Well, tomorrow came and Ann Catherine woke up with a high fever. We couldn't take her to the doctor because they were closing early because of the bad weather. I gave her Tylenol every four hours, but she was still miserable. She didn't want to eat, didn't want to play - she just wanted her mommy to hold her. Of course, that meant no blogging.

Friday rolled around and we took her to the doctor. Turned out, she had strep throat! That is very rare in a child as young as Ann Catherine, but the doctor said it happens. He put her on an antibiotic, but she didn't really start feeling better until Monday. Of course, by then, I had started my job and I was crazy busy just trying to learn the ropes.

That's the long way of saying, sorry it's been so long since I have posted. Someone at the station is going to email me pictures today from my last day there, and as soon as I have them, I'll post them.

By the way, I just checked out the Working Wonders forum and there are some great discussions going on there for parents! I encourage you to visit WHNT.COM and get involved too!

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