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Sunday, March 11, 2007

It Adds Up Quickly!

Melissa's Fund has only been in existence for a year. I recently checked the numbers and so far we have raised more than $230,000. I think that's pretty amazing! And it just keeps growing. In just a couple of weeks, we received more than $5000 for the fund.

First, WHNT donated $1000 to the fund shortly before my last day on air. Then, a viewer (I won't mention his name because he may not want the publicity) stopped by the station before I left and gave me a $1000 check for the fund. He said he has a heart for children and wanted to help the premature babies in the NICU. On that very same day, I got a phone call that the Walmart in Hampton Cove was donating $1000 to the fund.

Then Friday night, we went to the Huntsville Havoc game. Now keep in mind, thanks to the Huntsville Havoc hockey fans, we already raised a record-setting $54,000 through the jersey auction in January. Friday night during the first intermission, the Havoc booster club presented us with a check for $2,269! They raised the money last month in a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament.

And just like that - we raised more than $5,000! We're probably going to try and make a purchase soon. First we have to talk with the neonatologists in the NICU and determine what the unit needs.

As always, thanks to those of you who have given to Melissa's Fund. Through your donations, you are helping save the tiniest babies. As the mother of two premature babies, I can tell you there is no greater gift!

The pictures above are of Lily and Ann Catherine at the hockey game Friday night. They had the best time! Ann Catherine absolutely LOVES going to the games (as you can see from the picture, nothing goes better with hockey than Dippin' Dots). On the way to daycare Friday, Chris told her we were going to a hockey game that night. When I picked her up that afternoon, the first thing she said was 'hockey' and she proceeded to say it the entire way home.

Like father, like daughter :)

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