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Monday, June 13, 2011

How in the World is she Six??!

I do not know what is wrong with me, but I am so behind on my blogging!!

I still have pictures of LB playing soccer from March and AC playing t-ball in April and May that I haven't posted. It's bugging me because this will be their scrap book one day. And the Disney trip in April?! I break out in hives at the thought of recapping that one. I AM SO BEHIND!!

Those of you who blog: you know how when you get behind, it just starts weighing you down??

That's how I feel.

So allow me to try and quickly update these last few whirlwind weeks: in a matter of 7 days we had the girls' first recital, AC's birthday and AC's birthday party.

Crazy just ain't the word for it!

Before I get to all the birthday fun, I want to thank you all for lifting us up in prayer on Ann Catherine's birthday. I certainly felt it. God allowed us to have a beautiful day with our daughters. We celebrated Ann Catherine's life AND Melissa's. It was a great day.

The night before, I sat down in the living room to wrap Ann Catherine presents. Everyone was asleep but me and the house was quiet. As I began to wrap those presents, the emotions surrounding Melissa's death rushed over me like a raging tide.

I cried. And I cried. And I cried. It was pretty painful, but I needed it. I look back now and believe God allowed me to "get it out" that night so I wouldn't break down on Ann Catherine's birthday. He's pretty awesome like that.

AC's birthday was great. Six-years-old, how did that happen?! Her trampoline was her main gift, with a few smaller ones sprinkled in. Chris' parents were in town and we enjoyed a great day. The girls and I met Chris for lunch and then I took AC to pick out balloons to send to Melissa. This is the first year I've allowed her to choose them. She chose three and Lily Baker chose three. When Chris got home we sent them to her. In the five years we have done this, it's never rained. Not just that, but we've had cloudless blue skies. Each year, we've been able to watch those balloons sail upwards until they are completely out of site.

Again, God is just awesome like that. He cares enough about a grieving mommy and daddy to give us blue skies on the day that we send our balloons to our daughter. I am just overwhelmed by it all!

I took the girls to get a manicure and pedicure. AC and I have done this on her birthday since she was four. This year, she wanted LB to come with us. LB was so excited! They had a great time!! We capped off the evening with dinner at AC's favorite restaurant.

So as you can see, June 1st was a beautiful day. We had an incredible day with Ann Catherine and Lily Baker, and we felt Melissa's spirit every moment of the day. I am so grateful for that.

Coming up next, I'll recap AC's birthday party and our recent trip to the beach. And at some point, I'll meander all the way back to March to prove that LB DID play soccer! At what point does the statute of limitations run out on blog posts??!


kirasteel said...

It doesn't run out, especially if you're using the blog as a digital scrapbook. I'm taking my kids to Disney in the fall. Can't wait!

Connie said...

I will still always think of you on June 1st. Can it be six years already? Where did our little baby girls go?