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Monday, April 18, 2011

My Toothless Wonder

I was going to post today about our awesome Spring Break trip to Walt Disney World, but then something even more awesome happened at our house.

Ann Catherine lost her first tooth today!

What a big deal that is to a five-year-old. Quite a few kids in her class have lost their teeth and it's driven her crazy. Last week at WDW, she kept asking "Mommy, is this tooth loose?" After I answered no for the 50th time, I told her it would happen when it was time to happen.

Last night at Bible Study at our friends' house, our sitter who was watching the kids in another room brought her to me and said she had a loose tooth. AC was pumped!

Once we got home, it was wiggling all over the place. Chris kept asking her to let him pull it, but she wanted no part of that! Her excitement quickly turned to apprehension and she kept asking if it would hurt when it fell out.

This morning I was shooting some videos at church when I got a voicemail from AC at school. "Mommy, I lost my first tooth!" she said. It started bugging her this morning, so she let her teacher pull it. "It didn't even hurt!" she told me when LB and I picked her up this afternoon. Let me tell you, she's wearing that gap in her teeth like a badge of honor! :)

It's an exciting milestone in the life of my child, but it's also made me a little sad. Losing a tooth is another step towards independence.

She's losing her baby teeth. That means she's not a baby anymore.

That snaggletooth smile means she's growing up.


The Titsworth Family said...

Yay!! I remember how much fun it was pulling teeth as a kid.

I can't wait to hear about Disney! We have some friends at Disney right now and I'm wishing we were there!

Ginger said...

I can't wait to hear about Disney. We went the same week. Actually, we were on the same plane down to Orlando as you guys were!

kirasteel said...

How precious!
I have read a few of your blog posts after happening across it by chance and think your family is adorable. I have 4 boys so your stories of raising girls are fun for me to read. Hope to hear about your Disney trip. :)

Bianca said...

That's so cool. When I was younger I was so afraid to lose even one of my milk teeth because I thought they would never grow back. But, fortunately, a real tooth fairy (my dentist) came and took the fear away. She told me that losing a tooth is like a badge of growing up.

Bianca Jackson

Simplicity By Christy said...

How exciting! Sophie is still so excited to lose a tooth at almost 11 years old! She lost one last Saturday and came running and the house and said "Guess what happened"!? LOL!

Can't wait to hear about Disney!