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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. If you live near us, how could you not with the sunshine and warm weather?!

We had a wonderful day. Here are some of my favorite moments:

The girls in their beautiful Easter dresses. They loved getting dressed up for church!

Attending the Easter Egg Hunt down the street at our friends' house. Easter eggs and good friends - how can you beat that?!

Meeting the Easter Bunny!

Fun moments with these Four Musketeers. They had a blast all afternoon!

And a thanks to Miss Brooke for hosting such a fabulous shindig!

And my greatest reminder of what Easter truly means - the tree we planted soon after Melissa died.

Easter represents hope to my family. We WILL be with her again one day! I love you, my sweet angel :)

Happy Easter everyone!

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Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Happy Easter, glad it was GREAT for you guys!! We had a wonderful day too!