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Monday, May 5, 2008

Taking a Walk

This time last year, Chris and I would put the girls in the double stroller after dinner, and power walk through the neighborhood. The girls loved going outside, and Chris and I got some exercise.

Not anymore.

Ann Catherine has outgrown the stroller. And because she wants to walk, Lily wants to walk, too.

Lily is the quintessential second child. She does things before Ann Catherine even thought about doing them - not because she's smarter, but because she wants to be like her big sister. Lily watches everything Ann Catherine does, and tries to mimic it. So, if Ann Catherine wants to actually "walk" during a walk, Lily wants to as well.

Have you ever taken a walk with a 17-month-old?

Lily is in absolutely no hurry. She takes her time, then for no reason, she'll just sit down on the grass or sidewalk. In fact, Chris snapped the picture above with his camera phone tonight. Ann Catherine and Lily were "taking a break." (Ann Catherine looks like she's giving the "rock on" sign. Lily is just being Lily and hanging out).

It takes us forever just to make the loop around our neighborhood. There is no such thing as burning calories on our walk anymore.

That said, I wouldn't change it. Ann Catherine and Lily notice things Chris and I would never see. Some of our neighbors have dandelions in their yard and every time we pass, Ann Catherine and Lily stop to pick the "flowers."

It's such a good reminder to us. Slow down and smell the flowers. We may not be burning calories, but we are seeing the world through our daughters' eyes. And those little eyes take in much more than Chris and I would ever see.


Ditaur said...

See Please Here

Claire Aiello said...

I agree. Taking a walk with kids is much slower. Elena is long past the stroller - and when we do take it (to the mall or whatever) she wants to push it - so things take a lot longer!!

Your girls are beautiful, Amy!