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Sunday, April 27, 2008

One-on-One Time

When you have two children who are as close in age as mine, it's hard to have one-on-one time with them. When we do things as a family, it's usually all four of us.

But Saturday we split up. I took Lily to get her pictures made - just the two of us. We had the sweetest time! Lily was just so funny! Kristen with Whispers Photography shoots all of my daughters' pictures, and she got such a kick out of Lily. She gave Lily some flowers and Lily had the best time with them. She would just sit and look at them so intuitively. I had the greatest time watching her. At one point, I had tears in my eyes just thinking that this wonderful little creature belongs to me. It truly was just so special.

While we were gone, Chris and Ann Catherine had "Daddy/Daughter time." He took her to Lowe's, Publix and Walmart and she even got a new Wiggles DVD! She had such a good time with him and it was good for them to be together.

Ann Catherine and I had our own "Mommy/Daughter" time later that afternoon when we took a walk while Lily slept. Walking outside with Ann Catherine is one of my favorite things! There's just no telling what she's going to say as we walk. Then later that evening, we did something as a family when we all went to Brusters and got ice cream. The girls had such a blast!

I love doing things as a family, but I also love that one-on-one time with my daughters. It's really rare, because we are always together. And we should probably make more of an effort to give our daughters one-on-one time with us. It's just so special.

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