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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Getting Ready!

Forgive me that I haven't blogged in a week. It has been CRAZY at work!

But, it's a good crazy! I've been working on Swim for Melissa.

If you need more information on the event, click here. My friend Claire Aiello, the Internet Content Manager at Channel 19, put together a fabulous page with information.

I blogged about this site the other day, but if you haven't been to the official Swim for Melissa site, please go there. Just click here! This site is so cool! The kids who are swimming have set up their own web pages, complete with pictures, their own personal stories, etc.

We check the site about a gazillion times a day in our office because every time we check, the total has gone up. It's completely addictive!

Please consider supporting the 2nd Annual Swim for Melissa. If your kids are too young to swim, bring the family out to the Hampton Cove pool on Saturday, August 11th. We'll have games on the grounds of the Hampton House and Publix has again graciously agreed to grill burgers and hotdogs and provide the food to us. It will be a free event, but donations will be appreciated!

It's going to be an amazing day! But more importantly, it's for such an incredible cause. We hope you'll make plans to join us!

Also, I encourage you to listen to Lite 96.9 this week. They are our radio partners for Swim for Melissa. Chris and I taped some segments with John Malone that aired this past Friday morning. Then, each morning this week they are airing segments called "Miracle of the Day." Each segment will highlight the story of a local mom who had a child in NICU, with one exception. One of the segments was voiced by a sweet little 8-year-old girl with an amazing story to tell. She is a triplet born 14 weeks early, and both of her brothers passed away. She told her personal story in one of these segments and did such a good job. She is just an incredible little girl and I am so glad I have gotten to know her and her mother.

That's one of the amazing parts about Melissa's Fund. Chris and I have gotten to know so many people who went through a similar experience. And so many of them are coming together to make Swim for Melissa another awesome event. I can't wait!


crissy said...

Amy I heard about your story. About your little baby girl. And I watch you on news, its was your last day on the job. I know your new job has to be very rewarding.My sister in law just recently had her twin babies girls. They were Born at 26 weeks. Well one of the girls is 2pounds 4 ounces 17 inches long, but 1 pound of her is fluid. She has some fluid on the brain.The other baby girl died. She was much smaller. My sister in law is at Huntsville Hospital. She had her babies today. And of course she is so sad and in shock.So I was wondering if you had a chance and was at the hospital maybe you could stop by and talk to ashley. You are someone who knows what she is going though. Her name is Ashley Palmer.

Amy George said...

I will be in NICU Monday and would be more than happy to stop by and talk to your sister in law (as long as she is still in the hospital). If she has already checked out, I would be more than happy to talk to her over the phone. My number at work is 265-8077.
Thanks for letting me know!