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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Importance of Daddies

Between VBS, my freelance work and doctor's appointments, these last two weeks have been a blur!

I hope you all enjoyed Father's Day with the men in your lives. We had a great weekend. Because we recently returned from our anniversary trip (which I STILL haven't blogged about!) and we did some home improvements, we kept Mother's Day and Father's Day simple this year. But I realized the most important things that happened had nothing to do with how much money we spent.

After we finished dinner Friday night, Chris told the girls he had bought a new fishing pole for them to use. The girls were estatic! After dinner, off they went to the pond. I decided to let them spend that time together without me. It was the most precious sight as they walked away. Chris had the fishing rod, AC had the tackle box and LB had the bait. Clad in t-shirts and shorts with their ponytails boucing around as they walked, I couldn't help but smile as they walked off with their daddy. I started to run inside and grab the camera, but decided instead of just stand there and soak it in.

I realized that the best gifts don't come from department stores. In fact, they're actually free. The gift of time - spending time with our children and giving them our full attention - is the best gift there is.

Chris and his chocolate and peanut butter brownies we made him - his favorite. Yum!

Reading his card from the girls before he opens his super exciting grill brush (it's what he asked for! I told you, we didn't spend a lot of money this year! :)

I also got to spend Father's Day with my own daddy. Let me tell you, I love, love, love my daddy. Always have. Always will. He is just an amazing man. God love him, he was the only man in a house of three women. He raised my sister and I to always believe in ourselves. We were armed with self-confidence that we could do anything boys could do. Most of all, we were lavished with love.

Little girls often think their daddies walk on water. I see how my girls look at Chris and I see shades of myself as a child. A daddy is the first man a little girl will ever love. That love will build a foundation of what she will grow up to expect in other men. It is such an important role for daddies of little girls!

I'm lucky my girls receive that love from their daddy. May they always expect to be treated with respect. May they grow up with self-worth. May they never settle for less.

Daddies have a lot to do with that.

My girls with my sweet daddy. Not sure why AC looks so disheveled :)

p.s. My friend, Brooke, gave me a great idea this year for Father's Day. I took a video of the girls saying what they loved about their daddy. It was precious and we played it for Chris on Father's Day morning. He loved it! Keep that in mind for next year - it's a great gift that doesn't cost a dime!

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Mama Grits said...

A video is such a great idea!! I love to see our little girl with my husband, daddies are so important in a little girl's life.