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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy Two Days!

I was awakened Tuesday morning to the sound of little feet running into my bedroom. Ann Catherine shouted, "Mommy, I'm five!!"

Why, yes you are.

We had such a great day together. On Ann Catherine's first birthday, Chris and I both took the day off. It was the first anniversary of Melissa's death and we knew we wouldn't be able to concentrate at work anyway. Plus, we wanted - needed - to be with Ann Catherine on that day.

This year, Chris couldn't take the whole day off. But we were able to meet him at the park for lunch. AC and I had a whirlwind of a day!

It started with a trip to Spoiled Rockin' Kidz, a tradition we started on her last birthday. AC got a manicure and pedicure and while I made her put light pink on her nails, I did let her choose hot pink for her toenails (she IS five after all!! :) She said, "Mommy, my toes look like yours!"

After that, we met Chris at the park. After a scrumptious, healthy meal of McDonalds chicken mcnuggets and fries, we fed the ducks.

We took AC to the park on her very first birthday - and her second one. Recently AC found some pictures from that first birthday and asked me if her daddy and I would take her again. I told her we would and asked if she wanted LB to come and she answered, "No, just us."

At first, I was shocked. But then I remembered that because they are so close in age AC and LB do everything together. And on her birthday, AC just wanted alone time with her mommy and daddy. And there's nothing wrong with that. So LB spent the day with Gammy and Gramps.

After the park, we went to Peggy Ann Bakery - AC's favorite. We both enjoyed our little stop there!

From there, we went to a local store to pick out balloons to send to Melissa. Then we visited the mall to pick out her cookie cake for her upcoming birthday party. And then, she wanted to jump. She loves that jumpy thing in the food court and flips over and over up in the air. I get sick just watching her!

From there, I took her with me to vote. She was all confused because our polling place is a church. As I sat down to fill out my ballot, she said, "Mommy, are we going to pray?" Cracked me up.

Once Chris got home from work, we sent our balloons to Melissa. Each of us had one and it was so beautiful. They just sailed straight up into that blue sky. We bought four plain pink balloons and one pink one that said "Happy Birthday." AC wanted to send Melissa that one and I let her. It was precious.

After that, we opened presents. Chris and I gave AC a Leapster Two and Gammy and Gramps and Uncle Geoff, Aunt Lisa and Ella gave her the games to go with it! They also gave her a music box that she's been wanting. LB gave AC a Barbie doll that she's been wanting, along with a precious book called "Sisters." It's a children's book about two sisters who are very different in some ways, and alike in others. But in the end, the only thing that matters is they love each other. That sums my girls up.

We ended our evening at Tortora's for dinner (AC's choice!). At the end of dinner, they brought out this scrumptious dessert as a surprise. AC had told the waitress it was her birthday while she was taking our order. The best part was that five waitresses sang Happy Birthday to her. That's never happened to her and she was smiling from ear to ear!!

Yesterday afternoon, my mom and dad came into town and gave AC the crib to go with the Bitty Baby they got her for Christmas. She loved it!

And we capped it all off with dinner and a cookie cake!

What a beautiful week we've had. So many of you called and emailed to say you were thinking of us Tuesday. Thank you so much for your prayers because I definitely felt them! While we missed Melissa, we have had such a happiness in our hearts this week. We have just soaked in AC and the miracle of her life. What a blessing!

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