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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rockin' with the Mouse

We went to "Disney's Rockin Road Show" at the VBC Friday night. Of course, the girls had a blast!

I do believe we have been to every children's show that has rolled through Huntsville in the last four and a half years and I rank this one right up there with my two favorites: Disney on Ice and The Wiggles. It was fast paced and lots of fun!

It certainly wasn't cheap, though. We got there and two tubs of popcorn,

two lemonades in Disney souvenir cups,

and two overpriced souvenirs later, we had already spent $76!! I agreed with Chris it was insane, but added, "Look at Lily Baker's face when Cinderella comes out on stage, and tell me it wasn't worth every penny."

And we did.

And it was.

LB also loved seeing "Buzz Light-leer" and "Fairy God-mudder." AC loved singing and dancing along with the songs.

And Chris and I?

We just loved watching them. :)

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The Reno Family said...

The show came to Birmingham Saturday. It was Parker's first "Disney" experience! His face was priceless when "Woody" and "Buzz" appeared. We lucked out and no one was sitting in front of him. And he really didn't care about the toys, just wanted some cotton candy and Mickey ears. We are trying to get him ready for his big trip in the fall to see Mickey upclose!