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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LB Gets Her Turn

Since we last talked...

LB "fixed" my kitchen table with her Handy Manny tools,

AC spent sweet time with her daddy doing a puzzle,

and my girls got to ride their bikes in 70-degree weather. Woohoo!!

But the sweetest thing happened Friday night. Lily Baker had her first Daddy/Daughter date.

Chris was supposed to watch both of the girls for me because I was working a festival at church for our kindergartners through 3rd graders (I serve in K-1st on Sunday mornings). But I unexpectedly ended up staying at the church doing something else Thursday night, so I told Chris I would take AC with me to the festival and he could spend time with LB.

So he asked LB what she wanted to do during their Daddy/Daughter time. Her answer came as no surprise. She wanted to go to "Red Robin!" So off they went together.

And AC was beyond excited that she was going to a festival for 5-year-olds, because when you are four and-a-half (as she loves to point out) that's a very big deal.

It's nice sometimes to split up like this and give each of our girls their own time. They each get our undivided attention and we get to focus solely on them. It's good for all of us :)

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