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Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Were There!

We spent the weekend in Hotlanta.

Oh. My. Word.

What a ballgame.

As a life-long Bama fan and alum, I have been to some big Alabama games in my life. (I actually sat in the endzone with my dad in Legion Field at the Auburn game in 1981 when Bear Bryant became the winningest coach in football history. Yes, I am actually old enough to remember Bear Bryant on the sidelines :) But, this one was absolutely amazing. And I don't just mean the final score - which was unbelievable. I mean the energy of the Alabama fans. We were on our feet the entire game. It was awesome! As a student, I was lucky enough to go to the 1992 National Championship Game and the energy and excitement at the Georgia Dome reminded me so much of that game.

I would love to show you some cute pix of me and Chris at the game but....we lost our camera. Now under normal conditions, I would be so sad about that. But the weekend was so great, I'm over the loss of the camera. I was actually supposed to get a new camera for my birthday months ago, but Chris and I never got around to looking for one. Looks like I'll be getting one this week :)


The Burns Family said...

I am so jealous you got to go to the game! My husband and I got together with friends to watch the game! We were acting as crazy at home as we would have at the game! Can't wait til January! Roll Tide!

Amanda said...

What a neat picture!!!