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Thursday, June 18, 2009

VBS Week!

Wow - what a week. Well, technically not a week because our VBS (which our church actually calls "Go and Grow") was only Tuesday-Thursday. To those of you who do a 5-day VBS, my hat's off to you. I am so tired after just three days, I cannot imagine five.

That's not to say I didn't have a blast, because I did. Seriously, I had the best time working VBS. I shared the duties of Bible storyteller for the 3,4 and 5-year-olds. To say that AC was excited that I was working with her age group would be an understatement. I teach kindergartners on Sunday mornings, primarily because they are old enough to understand things but young enough to still want to hug me. But I also don't teach her age group because I want her to have some space from me. So she was thrilled that I would be working with her age group for VBS.

The very first day I came up on stage to start our skit and each time I would ask the kids something (like 'are you ready boys and girls?' or 'do you know the answer, boys and girls?') AC would yell out, "Yes, Mommy!!" On day two she kept saying "Hey, Mommy!" and was getting quite irritated that I didn't say hello back. However, I figured the woman who saw Jesus at the tomb probably didn't yell out 'hey, AC!' and since I was in character, I decided not to as well. Today, I had finally learned my lesson, so when I came out on stage I made eye contact with her and gave her a little wink. That seemed to do the trick and satisfy her.

I LOVED working VBS! This is something I was never able to do when I worked full time so this really was such a treat for me. More than anything, I think I loved "sneaking" around to watch her - whether it was singing and dancing, making crafts or playing games. I just loved watching her take it all in. Today we had our finale where the kids showed the parents the songs they had learned all week. I snapped a few photos:

I love this picture because of the pure joy in her face while she sings. Is she having fun or what??

Intently listening to what's going on :)

LB and her daddy!

Me and AC with a mouth full of chicken mcnuggets in her mouth (we had a picnic at church afterwards). Am I looking a little tired?

My kids had the best week and so did I! VBS was such a huge part of my early years and I want the same for my kids. They couldn't wait to go to church each morning and that just made me so happy. Now, we are just ready to sleep in tomorrow (I'll even take 7:30!!) and rest. As fun as it is, VBS is also a bit exhausting!

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Stephanie T said...

Looks like everyone one had TOO much fun!!