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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ahead of their Time

Isn't it crazy what our kids know? They are growing up in such a technologically-advanced age that I can't imagine what they'll be doing by the time they are 12!

Take for instance yesterday. AC was playing on my computer (I'll pull up a blank word doc and she pretends she 'checking her email.'). Anyhoo, I asked her what she was doing and she said, "texting an email." No it doesn't make any sense but she sees her mommy check her email and send text messages and she thinks she can do it too. The fact that she even knew the word 'texting' made me laugh.

The best part was at my mother's house the other night when she picked up my mom's cell phone and starting snapping pictures. My mother said, "Ann Catherine, how do you do that?" and she starting showing my mother how to take pictures with her phone.

She's 4.

Oh, and she also showed my mom how to use their DVD player. But she was 3 then.

Cracks me up.


Jennifer said...

My son is 4 and he loves to go in the computer room. He'll say, "Momma, I'm gonna play a dot com."

Stephanie T said...

Oh me! Abby things everything ends with "dot com"! I posted earlier, but when given all of Toys R Us to choose a birthday present, she chose an IPod Nano! This gives me so much to think about on my job - how can we teach children today using the tools they already know and love?? They grow up SO quickly!

The HoneaBees said...

AA loves to 'write an email'-and I pull up a word doc too.
I just wonder what a blog will be when they are older.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Oh my word. This is so TRUE! O can play games with a mouse online and H is already sitting at the computer "typing"- smooshing the keys. Hilarious what they pick up!