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Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Four-day Weekend!

I just had to post this picture.

I snapped it this weekend at my mother's house. Lily was laying on my mom on the sofa and watching Elmo on a portable DVD player. Could she look any more comfortable?

I think it sums up the way everyone feels after a long holiday weekend. After lots of turkey, lots of shopping and lots of family time, everyone just needs to kick back and rest!

In spite of all of that, I could really get used to having a four-day weekend! This was the first time in my life that I had a four-day weekend at Thanksgiving. In the TV business, November is usually a ratings month, which means you can't take time off. So during the week of Thanksgiving, we could either have Thanksgiving day off or the Friday after, but not both. Before I had kids, I would just work Thanksgiving and take Friday off. But once Ann Catherine got here, I stopped working Thanksgiving and worked the Friday after instead. But this year, I got BOTH days off, because we closed the Foundation office on both days.

It was so wonderful!! My mom and I went shopping Friday (in the afternoon, mind you, NOT at 5am!!) I really got a lot done. Chris and I went to Toys R Us today and for the most part, we bought all of Lily and Ann Catherine's Christmas gifts.

We also put our tree up this weekend. I'll post pictures of that later. I have to say, putting those ornaments on the tree with Ann Catherine was one of the highlights of my life. Every time she picked up a ornament, she would say, "Oooh, look at this!" She had so much fun. This is the first year that she has understood it's Christmas.

Christmas day is going to be a blast!


lee said...

Have a nice Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh your babby girl Loves to watch dvd and kick back . That is the way i spend my days too